Dacha village of Moshchun attacked

Moshun is an area of vacation villas where people working in Kyiv escaped to on weekends to enjoy their vegetable gardens. Many of the houses were destroyed by Russian bombs, but some restoration work has begun.

Natalia Lytvyn, left, and his husband Valeriy

“I don’t understand why such a quiet place was attacked,” Natalia Lytvyn, 47, said with a sigh. She and her husband, Valeriy, 51, are currently in the process of repairing the damaged fireplace, doors and garage.

Viktor Zahlada and his mother Lyudmyla

Viktor Zahlada, 39, who works for a food-related trading company, built a house for his mother, Lyudmyla, 64, to live in after her retirement. It was destroyed. “My work has returned to about 70% of what it was before the invasion began,” he said. “I have to keep working so that my life can return to normal.”

Special cooperation: Prof. Hidenori Watanave (University of Tokyo Graduate School)

Reporting: Makiko Yanada, Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondent