Looted shops in Bucha

Bucha, the location of a Russian massacre of unarmed citizens, was a town popular with young people for its good living environment full of greenery. It came under attack in late February, and residents who fled the Russian occupation have gradually returned since the invaders’ withdrawal. On a shopping street that opened last year near the railroad station, some restaurants are back in business.

Borys Tkachenko

Borys Tkachenko, 28, opened a bar on the street last December. He returned to Bucha on April 3, right after the Russian troops pulled out. He replaced the glasses, liquor and other items stolen by the invaders, and repaired broken windows. “There are others who went through a much harder time,” he said. “I will what I can to support them.”

Aliona Pazych

Cafe owner Aliona Pazych, 32, reopened her shop in May. “When Friday would come around, customers would have a great time together with drinks in their hands. I want people to have that feeling again, even if for just a short time.”

Special cooperation: Prof. Hidenori Watanave (University of Tokyo Graduate School)

Reporting: Makiko Yanada, Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondent