Sapporo Games bid outline to include ¥20 billion in additional costs

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Sapporo City Hall

SAPPORO — The Sapporo municipal government has compiled a draft of a revised outline for its 2030 Winter Games bid, with an additional ¥20 billion in operating expenses due to rising costs and other factors, according to sources.

The estimated cost of hosting the Winter Olympics and Paralympics is now expected to be ¥220 billion-¥240 billion, up from the initial estimate announced in November last year of ¥200 billion-¥220 billion.

The municipality will officially announce the outline in November after finalizing the draft.

Additional expenses are expected to be covered by sponsorship income and contributions by the International Olympic Committee, which is likely to rise in line with the value of the yen. Taxpayer funds will not be used to make up the shortfall, according to the sources.

In the revised outline, the total cost of facility development is expected to be about ¥77 billion, down from the initial plan of about ¥80 billion as a rebuilt municipal housing complex will serve as the athletes’ village, and accommodations at private hotels will also be utilized. In addition, temporary spectator stands are expected to be used at private ski resorts in Sapporo and a skating rink in Obihiro, instead of renovating preexisting stands.

The municipality has taken the opinions of local residents and others into account in the revised outline.

In September, Sapporo and the Japanese Olympic Committee jointly released a declaration pledging to stage the Games free from corruption, following the emergence of bribery allegations linked to the Tokyo Games. The declaration will be included in the revised outline.