Onosato Moves Up to Sekiwake for Nagoya Tourney

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Onosato, photographed on Monday in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture.

Onosato, coming off his historic championship at the previous Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, was promoted from komusubi to sekiwake for the upcoming Nagoya tourney, the Japan Sumo Association announced in releasing the rankings on Monday.

Onosato, who entered sumo out of college and started in the third-tier makushita division, set a record by winning his first makuuchi division title in just his seventh tournament since turning pro.

Of the three ozeki in the rankings, Takakeisho will be under kadoban status for the ninth time, meaning he needs a majority of wins at the Nagoya tournament, which starts July 14, to keep his rank.

Kirishima was demoted from ozeki to sekiwake, but can regain the second-highest rank by chalking up 10 wins or more.

Meanwhile, Takerufuji, the surprise winner of the Spring tournament in his makuuchi-division debut, was demoted to the juryo division.