Japan Ruling Party Vice President Offers Flowers at Tomb of Former Taiwan Leader Lee Teng-hui

The Yomiuri Shimbun
LDP Vice President Taro Aso, left, visits the tomb of former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui in New Taipei City, Taiwan, on Monday.

TAIPEI — Liberal Democratic Party Vice President Taro Aso laid flowers Monday at the tomb of former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui in the outskirts of Taipei.

Seen as the “father of Taiwan democracy,” Lee — who was born in Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule and known for being pro-Japanese — studied at Kyoto Imperial University (now Kyoto University).

After offering flowers at Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery in New Taipei City, Aso met with Lee’s second daughter, Annie Lee, at the facility.

Aso was scheduled Tuesday to meet Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen; Lai Ching-te, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s candidate for the upcoming presidential election in January; and various other officials.

Aso’s visit came at the behest of Taiwan. According to the LDP, it was the first time for an LDP vice president to officially visit the island since Japan and Taiwan severed diplomatic ties in 1972, based on party records.