Lawson Asks 4 Travel Agencies to Remove its 2 Stores from Tours in Yamanashi Pref.; Removal Comes After Problem of Mt. Fuji View Overtourism

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
A view of Mt. Fuji appearing as if it is perched atop the roof of a convenience store is seen in April.

Lawson Inc. confirmed that some bus tours have stopped visiting its convenience stores near Kawaguchiko Station and Fujikawaguchiko Town Hall in Yamanashi Prefecture after requesting their removal from the tours. The move comes after the problem of foreign tourists swarming to a Lawson convenience store to see the view of Mt. Fuji above it.

The two stores are roughly 1 kilometer away from each other.

Lawson asked four travel agencies to remove them from tours last month. The convenience store chain made the request because the parking lots of both stores are not equipped to accommodate many large buses, which could lead to traffic accidents.