Ripe Mangoes from Fukuoka Pref. Ready for Market; Municpal-Run Farm has been Producing the Tropical Fruit for About 10 Years

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Mangoes ripen in a greenhouse in Oto, Fukuoka Prefecture.

OTO, Fukuoka ― Shipments of ripe mangoes from a municipal-run tourist farm in Oto, Fukuoka Prefecture, are at their peak and will continue until the middle of this month.

In Japan, Okinawa and Miyazaki prefectures are known for producing the tropical fruit. In Fukuoka Prefecture, the town of Oto has been producing mangoes with contract farmers for about 10 years.

About 100 mangoes are grown in two greenhouses covering about 800 square meters. When the fruits ripen and turn red, they are covered with a net that catches them as they fall from the branches. The fruit is then harvested.

The harvested fruit goes to the local roadside rest area, Oto Sakura Kaido, and some of them are sold under the brand name Oto Sakura Mango. Those priced between ¥1,000-¥1,500 are said to sell well.