Japan Imperial Household Agency to Launch Instagram Account

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The Imperial Palace

Tokyo (Jiji Press)—Japan’s Imperial Household Agency said Monday that it will launch an official account on Instagram and start operating it April 1.

On Instagram, the agency will post photos related to recent activities of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, and pictures of the nature and culture at the Imperial Palace, located in Chiyoda Ward of Tokyo. It will be the first time for the agency to use social media.

In April last year, the agency established the Public Relations Office at its General Affairs Division in a bid to provide accurate information on the Imperial Family in a timely way. Utilizing private-sector personnel, the agency is working to revamp its website and considering ways to utilize social media.

Photos of the Imperial couple’s activities are currently posted on the agency’s website with related explanations. Such photos will be uploaded on Instagram as well from April. The agency will not accept comments and direct messages.

The agency will consider whether to utilize other social media platforms, such as X, formerly Twitter, and whether to expand the range of Imperial Family members to be featured on social media.

“We hope to deliver information (on the Imperial Family) to young people” by using social media, Maiko Fujiwara, head of the Public Relations Office, said.