Emperor, Empress ‘Deeply Moved’ as They Mark 30 Years of Marriage

Courtesy of Imperial Household Agency
The Emperor and his family handle silkworm cocoons at the Imperial Palace’s Momijiyama Imperial Cocoonery on May 30.

The Emperor and Empress celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on Friday and said in a released statement that they were “deeply moved” by the occasion.

The Imperial couple got married on June 9, 1993. They recalled the wedding parade, which was celebrated with warm congratulations from many people, describing it as a “fond memory” in the statement.

“We have experienced many things together, helped each other, shared our joys and sometimes our sorrows, and by doing so, we have been able to take steps forward together,” the couple said in the statement, revealing their feelings about the 30 years of their marriage and thanking the many people who have supported them.

The couple also expressed their intention to continue to visit many places to meet and listen to various people. “We want to listen to the sometimes unspoken voice of the heart and to give our hearts to those who are in difficult situations,” they said in the statement. “Through these efforts, we hope we can continue to open our hearts to the new possibilities of the people of this country.”