Japanese Government Drafts Basic AI Regulation Policies; Plans To Require Disclosure Of Safety Information

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
An AI strategic council meeting held in December

The government will consider legally requiring major artificial intelligence developers to disclose certain information, according to a draft of its basic policies on AI regulation.

The government will also consider controlling AI from a security perspective “in accordance with future developments in technology and international discussions,” the draft said.

The draft points out that it will be “vital to devise a way to clarify the fairness and necessity of AI regulations. It adds that the government “will consider what kind of regulations will be needed to control AI systems that could be linked to crimes and human rights violations.”

The draft also stipulates that the government should discuss whether to create a framework requiring major AI operators, which have a significant influence on the public, to make certain adjustments to their systems and disclose certain information.

The policy seems to be intended to require the developers to share safety information with the government.

The draft is expected to be presented to the AI strategic council, a panel of experts that will meet on Wednesday.