Kishida Intends to Revise Political Funds Control Law During Current Diet Session; ¥1 Million Monthly Allowance Also Addressed

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida speaks at a press conference in Sao Paulo on Saturday.

SAO PAULO — Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Saturday he would make every effort to revise the Political Funds Control Law during the current Diet session.

“As early as Monday when I’m back in Japan, I’ll meet with members of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Headquarters for Political Reform to discuss what more needs to be done in order to cement the direction of reform,” Kishida said at a press conference in Sao Paulo during his visit to South America.

Regarding the ¥1 million monthly allowance given to lawmakers for research, study, public relations and accommodations, Kishida, who is also the LDP’s president, said he would “hold discussions with each party to reach a conclusion at an early date.”

The sum — previously known as document, correspondence, travel and accommodation expenses — is paid to lawmakers separately from their salaries.

Regarding constitutional revision, Kishida said: “My desire to realize the revision during my tenure [as party president] has not changed in the slightest. Even with a time constraint, I want to do everything I can to move the discussion forward, even if only by a step.”

As to dissolving the House of Representatives and the subsequent general election, as well as the LDP presidential election, Kishida said, “I will concentrate on doing my utmost to address issues that cannot be postponed, such as the implementation of political reforms and economic measures, as well as various domestic and international challenges.”

The prime minister stopped short of elaborating, only adding, “I think it is important to achieve results, and I’m not thinking about anything else at this time.”