Japan Political Party to Implement Internal Political Reform Measures; Party Sets New Accounting Rules, Limits on Fundraising Ticket Sales

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The building where Nippon Ishin is headquartered in Chuo Ward, Osaka

Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) will implement parts of its political reform proposals compiled in response to Liberal Democratic Party factions allegedly violating the Political Funds Control Law.

Ishin has formulated such internal measures as having its Diet members be responsible for the financials of their political organizations, as well as limiting the sales of political fundraising party tickets only to individuals. The regulations were communicated to those within the party on Monday.

Various parties compiled their own reform proposals after the LDP funds scandal came to light. However, talks between the ruling and opposition parties to revise the Political Funds Control Law have yet to begin. Ishin aims to demonstrate its commitment to political reform by implementing the proposals before discussions start.

Ishin’s decision to make its Diet members responsible for their organizations’ accounting and fund management addresses criticisms that lawmakers are not punished and that criminal penalties are given to those responsible for the accounting, especially in cases of false entries in financial reports. As a result, Ishin lawmakers will change the designation of those responsible for accounting in March.

The party will also implement a policy prohibiting the sale of fundraising party tickets to corporations and organizations, and only allowing tickets to be sold to individuals. In addition, the annual sales to a single individual cannot exceed ¥1 million.

These regulations are set to go into effect in June.

Ishin has declared that strict disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the party’s regulations if any of its Diet members breach its rules.