Takaichi Calls for Postponement of 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo Citing Need to Prioritize Reconstruction in Ishikawa Prefecture

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Sanae Takaichi, the minister in charge of economic security, right, speaks with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Tuesday.

Sanae Takaichi, the minister in charge of economic security, has called for the postponement of the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo, stating that reconstruction of areas hit by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake should be prioritized.

Takaichi referred to her request during a meeting she attended in Nagano on Saturday.

According to government sources, Takaichi told Prime Minister Fumio Kishida when she met him on Jan. 16 that there have been calls from construction companies to postpone the Expo due to a shortage of both materials and workers needed to restore the areas stricken by the Jan. 1 disaster.

Takaichi also stressed that she would abide by Kishida’s decision regarding the postponement of the Expo, the sources added.

Kishida gave her a call Friday, saying he would take care not to interfere with the restoration of the quake-affected areas, according to the sources.