Japan, Ukraine Hold 1st Financial Meeting in Kyiv

TOKYO, Aug. 2 (Jiji Press) — Japan and Ukraine held the first meeting of their financial dialogue in Kyiv on Wednesday, agreeing on the continuance of economic assistance to the European country under attack from Russia.

Senior officials of the Japanese Finance Ministry, including Vice Finance Minister for International Affairs Masato Kanda, visited the Ukrainian capital for the meeting.

Japan pledged to provide additional financial assistance to help Ukraine rebuild war-damaged housing including residential complexes, a priority task for the country.

According to the ministry, Japan is the first country to establish a bilateral financial dialogue with Ukraine.

Kanda met with key Ukrainian officials including Finance Minister Sergii Marchenko.

“It is significant that we were able to create the comprehensive bilateral economic policy consultation framework and hold the first meeting in Kyiv,” he told reporters after the gathering.

The two countries issued a joint press release after the meeting, condemning “Russia’s illegal, unjustifiable and

unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine.”

The press release also noted the two countries’ agreement to continue their talks and enhance their cooperation.

Japan, this year’s Group of Seven president, conveyed to Ukraine the G-7 major powers’ decision to keep Russian assets frozen until the country pays for the damage it caused to Ukraine.

Tokyo and Kyiv have not decided when to hold the second meeting.