WTO Rules Against China’s Antidumping Duties on Japanese Steel

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The World Trade Organization headquarters is seen in Geneva in 2019.

LONDON — The World Trade Organization (WTO) on Friday adopted a decision by its dispute settlement panel stating that China’s antidumping duty on Japanese stainless steel products violated a WTO agreement.

Japan’s government made the announcement.

China did not appeal, confirming Japan’s legal victory.

China needs to take corrective measures in accordance with the WTO’s recommendation.

Since 2019, China has been imposing tariffs on three types of Japanese stainless steel products, claiming that they were being exported at unfairly low prices.

Japan requested a review from the WTO in 2021, arguing that China’s taxation was unfair. In June, the panel, which is the first instance of the dispute settlement body, had indicated that China’s taxation violated the WTO agreement.