Govt Tests AI Capabilities in Trial Run of Drafting Bill

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Digital minister Taro Kono speaks at a meeting on artificial intelligence strategy in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, in May.

In a test to see if generative AI, such as ChatGPT, can help government administrative offices run more efficiently, about 40 people from 19 ministries and agencies took part in a trial run to create a bill and summarize contents of meetings at the Digital Agency on Monday.

The test was to see how artificial intelligence in government administration can change the way ministry and agency employees.

With the possibility that confidential information could be leaked when using generative AI, the government conducted the test run using publicly available data.

“We would like to use AI to reduce unproductive work and transform the office into a more rewarding workplace,” Digital minister Taro Kono, who also is in charge of civil service reform, said after the trial.

The revised Grand Design and Action Plan for a New Form of Capitalism approved by the Cabinet on June 16 mentioned generative AI, stating, “While there are risks, there is also the possibility of being effective in improving administrative services.”

The government intends to begin using generative AI on a trial basis at government agencies.