170 Pension Records Linked to Wrong Person on Mynaportal

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
A person accesses Mynaportal on a laptop at a post office in Maebashi

The pension records of about 170 My Number cardholders might have been mistakenly linked to the wrong person on Mynaportal, an online service operated by the government that enables residents to complete various administrative procedures, it has been learned.

Cardholders can view their pension information on Mynaportal after verifying their identity with their My Number IDs.

The pension information problem is is believed to be the result of human error as a result of details being incorrectly inputted into the system. In one confirmed case, the error was discovered when the resident tried to view pension information on Mynaportal and someone else’s information was displayed.

“This is a problem of incorrectly linked information, not a problem with the pension records,” a government source said.