Japan Ministries, Agencies to Report Use of Generative AI

Reuters file photo
The ChatGPT logo is seen in March.

The government’s Digital Society Promotion Council decided at its meeting Monday that ministries and agencies will report to the AI strategy team, which comprises government offices related to AI policies, if they use generative artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT.

It was also confirmed at the meeting that generative AI, in principle, will not be used when handling confidential information to prevent possible leaks.

The council noted that since it is generally difficult to use ChatGPT and other such AI technologies while fully meeting security requirements, the scope of operations when using such technologies must be specified and approved in advance, even when handling non-confidential information. The council added that the way the technologies are used also needs to be monitored.

The council said some believe that generative AI will cause such new problems as privacy and copyright infringement.

The government plans to review its strategy after the AI strategy team consolidates relevant information.