Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Expresses Eagerness to Realize Constitutional Revision During Tenure

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida speaks in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has reiterated his eagerness to achieve constitutional revision during his current term as LDP president, which ends in September 2024.

The LDP has drafted a four-point constitutional amendment proposal, including the creation of a state-of-emergency clause.

“The four items for constitutional revision that the Liberal Democratic Party has proposed are all urgent issues,” Kishida said Tuesday during a meeting of the LDP’s Headquarters for the Realization of Revision of the Constitution at a Tokyo hotel. “We must make every effort to create an opportunity for the people to make a choice [on constitutional revision] at an early date.”

Kishida stressed that his desire to achieve constitutional amendment has not changed. “Our party has won the two national elections since I became president with constitutional revision as one of the pillars of our party’s pledge,” he said.

In the Research Commission on the Constitution in the House of Representatives, discussions are gaining momentum regarding the inclusion of a state-of-emergency clause and the clarifying the status of the Self-Defense Forces in the top law.

“I hope that efforts will be made to increase the number of lawmakers who agree with constitutional revision, regardless of party affiliation,” Kishida said.