Security Strengthened at Major Stations in Japan Ahead of G7 Summit

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Security guards and a sniffer dog patrol around a major station on Thursday morning.

Security has been boosted at railway stations in Japan ahead of the G7 summit to be held in Hiroshima in May and related ministerial meetings to be held in various locations from April.

On Thursday, security guards began patrolling with sniffer dogs at major stations on East Japan Railway Co.’s Shinkansen bullet train line.

At a major station Thursday morning, security personnel with a sniffer dog patrolled the area around the ticket gates to check for explosive materials and other suspicious items.

JR East plans to implement such measures as sealing off trash cans and temporarily suspending the use of coin lockers. The company also intends to strengthen patrols of station premises and trains, and will conduct baggage inspections as necessary.