Govt OKs Bill to Expand Scope of Use of My Number IDs

Courtesy of the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry
An image of a My Number card

TOKYO (Jiji Press) —The government on Tuesday adopted a bill to revise laws related to the My Number personal identification number and My Number card in order to expand the scope of their use toward creating a more convenient digital society.

The bill, approved at a cabinet meeting, calls for allowing the My Number card, which carries a 12-digit social security and tax number, to be used for acquiring and renewing national qualifications such as barber’s and architect’s licenses.

Also, regarding clerical work for which the use of My Numbers is permitted, the bill seeks to have ministerial ordinances set the types of personal information that can be handled in such work, instead of requiring legal changes. The move is expected to allow, for example, benefits to be paid more quickly in the event of the spread of a new infectious disease by utilizing the My Number system.

In addition, the bill calls for introducing a special system aimed at getting more elderly people to link their bank accounts that are used to receive pensions to their My Numbers.

The bill also includes measures related to the government’s plan to abolish the current health insurance card and integrate it into the My Number card in autumn 2024.

Specifically, a face photograph would not be required for My Number cards to be issued to babies under 1 year old. A certificate of health insurance status would be issued to people who do not have a My Number card so that they too can receive necessary medical treatment covered by the insurance.

As of last Wednesday, 74.8% of Japan’s population had filed applications for My Number cards.