Kishida’s Kyiv Visit Not to Require Diet Approval: LDP Takagi

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

Tokyo (Jiji Press)—-Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s possible visit to Kyiv will not necessarily require advance approval of the Diet, Japan’s parliament, a Liberal Democratic Party executive said Monday.

Kishida is considering visiting the Ukrainian capital, but the prior parliamentary procedure has made it difficult for him to make a surprise visit for safety reasons.

Tsuyoshi Takagi, the ruling party’s Diet affairs chief, told reporters that there are cases in which such approval is not prerequisite. It is necessary to ensure the safety of Kishida’s trip, Takagi stressed.

Jun Azumi, Takagi’s counterpart at the leading opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, separately told reporters that the Diet should not prevent the prime minister from visiting Kyiv.

Kishida can report his trip to parliament when he returns, Azumi added.