Medical Insurance Certificates Eyed For People Without My Number Cards From Autumn 2024

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
People apply for My Number cards in Kawasaki in December.

When My Number identification cards replace the function of health insurance cards in 2024, people who do not have the IDs will be able to apply for insurance certificates that can be used as proof of coverage at medical facilities, according to the government sources.

Health insurance cards will continue to be valid during a transitional period after the autumn 2024 deadline.

People without a My Number card will be able to apply for a certificate free of charge from their insurer for use at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The certificate will contain information such as the name, date of birth and insurance number of the holders.

The government has also revealed plans to establish by autumn 2024 an express procedure for reissuing lost My Number cards. The current wait time of one to two months will be cut to about 10 days.

As part of measures to increase the uptake of My Number IDs, a procedure will be introduced to allow parents to apply for children’s cards when submitting birth notices.

A headshot will not be required for infants under 1, and the card will be valid until age 5.