Russia Rejects Talks on Fishing Around Japan’s Northern Territories

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The northern territories, with the Nemuro Peninsula seen in the lower left

Russia has told Japan it will not hold bilateral fisheries talks this year, apparently in reaction to sanctions that Japan has imposed on Russia over that nation’s invasion of Ukraine, sources said Saturday.

The talks have been conducted annually based on a bilateral agreement that aims to stop problems arising and covers the safe operation of Japanese fishing boats in waters around the northern territories, among other matters.

According to the sources, the Russian Foreign Ministry told the Japanese embassy in Russia on Thursday that it was unable to make time for this year’s talks.

Tokyo lodged a protest with Moscow, saying that the news was regrettable. If the talks do not take place, it could affect Japan’s catches of Alaska pollack, Atka mackerel and other species.

After last year’s talks concluded in June, the Russian Foreign Ministry unilaterally announced its intention to suspend implementation of the agreement.