Japan’s economic security minister Sanae Takaichi defends her tweet opposing tax hike

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Economic security minister Sanae Takaichi

Economic security minister Sanae Takaichi on Tuesday defended her tweet opposing Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s plan to raise taxes in conjunction with an increase in defense spending, declaring she “did not say anything wrong.”

“If I’m to be removed from office, so be it,” Takaichi said.

Takaichi also revealed that she and Kishida exchanged opinions on the timing of the tax hike and other issues for about 10 minutes at the prime minister’s official residence on Monday night. The hike is expected to focus on corporate taxation, and Takaichi said she wanted to observe discussions at the ruling parties’ Research Commission on the Tax System.

Takaichi posted Saturday on Twitter, saying, “It’s hard to understand why the prime minister would say things that will dampen companies’ motivation to raise wages at this point.”