New S. Korean envoy voices eagerness to improve ties with Japan

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
New South Korean Ambassador to Japan Yun Duk-min

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — New South Korean Ambassador to Japan Yun Duk-min arrived in Japan on Saturday and voiced his eagerness to improve the relationship between the two Asian countries.

Japan and South Korea are the most important partners sharing strategic benefits, Yun told reporters at Tokyo International Airport at Haneda.

The two countries will be able to return their relations to good times if they bring their wisdoms together, he said.

A public-private consultative body was launched in South Korea earlier this month toward resolving the issue of Korean laborers requisitioned to work in Japan during World War II by Japanese companies.

Yun said the issue must be resolved swiftly because Japanese companies’ assets seized in South Korea in wartime labor lawsuits are about to be converted into cash and also because former wartime laborers are aging.

The new ambassador said the consultative body was set up as part of efforts to communicate well with the former laborers and find solutions in a sincere manner.

He called on the administration of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to step up cooperation so that the two countries can solve problems no matter how difficult that may be.

Obtaining a Ph.D. at Japan’s Keio University, Yun is fluent in Japanese. He served as head of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy, affiliated with South Korea’s Foreign Ministry, in 2013-2017.