LDP gives first speeches in metaverse

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Taro Kono, the chairperson of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Public Relations Headquarters, addresses an audience in the metaverse.

The Liberal Democratic Party’s Youth Division has held its first meeting featuring speeches in the virtual reality space known as the metaverse.

The LDP is aiming to expand its support among younger voters before the upper house election by utilizing the metaverse, which is increasingly being used by young people. LDP campaign vehicles and banners were reproduced in the metaverse, and speakers including Taro Kono, the chairperson of the LDP’s Public Relations Headquarters, took the stage as avatars.

“The LDP is said to be a conservative party, but we must actively adopt new things,” Kono said, prompting applause and whistles from an audience of 500, also there in the form of avatars.

Kono and the other speakers actually delivered their speeches from a studio in Tokyo, and the audience watched via smartphones and other devices.