Japan, South Korea Nationals Among 83 Evacuated from Israel by Japanese Air SDF Plane

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
A Japan Air Self-Defense Force transport plane departs Komaki Air Base in Aichi Prefecture on Oct. 14, heading for Djibouti in preparation for the evacuation of Japanese nationals wishing to leave Israel.

A Japan Air Self-Defense Force plane evacuated 83 Japanese and other nationals from Israel and arrived in neighboring Jordan for a stopover, Japan’s Defense Ministry announced in Tokyo on Friday morning.

Amid the escalating conflict between Israel and the Hamas militant group that effectively controls the Gaza Strip, 60 Japanese, 18 South Koreans and five of their family members of other nationalities were aboard the ASDF’s KC-767 aerial refueling and transport plane.

The plane is expected to arrive at Haneda Airport in Tokyo in the predawn hours of Saturday at the earliest.

Earlier this month, the South Korean government helped evacuate 51 Japanese nationals using a South Korean military plane, so Tokyo decided to return the favor.