China, Russia Start Joint Military Drills in Sea of Japan

Russian defense ministry via Reuters
The Russian destroyer Admiral Tributs is seen during a joint Russian-Chinese naval exercise in the Sea of Japan. The still image was taken from video released Thursday.

BEIJING — Russia and China on Thursday started joint military exercises in the Sea of Japan, according to Russia’s defense ministry.

The joint exercises are to run through Sunday. They will include live artillery, securing sea and air communication and antisubmarine drills.

According to People’s Liberation Army Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese military, about 10 naval vessels and nearly 30 fighter jets and helicopters from both militaries took part in the exercise.

They assembled in the scheduled area on Tuesday afternoon.

The exercises are organized by the Chinese military’s Northern Theater Command, which covers the northeastern part of China, in accordance with the annual plans.

A joint command post was set up on a Chinese missile destroyer.

The drills in waters near Japan and the Korean Peninsula are likely intended to counter moves by Japan, the United States and South Korea to strengthen their security cooperation.