Japanese Foreign Minister Protests Chinese Ambassador’s Remarks on Japan, Taiwan

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Yoshimasa Hayashi

Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Wednesday strongly protested remarks made about the Taiwan situation by the Chinese Ambassador to Japan.

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Chinese Ambassador to Japan Wu Jianghao speaks at a press conference on April 28.

“[The comments] were extremely inappropriate,” Hayashi said during a meeting of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Foreign Affairs. The protest was made through diplomatic channels.

At a press conference on April 28, the ambassador, Wu Jianghao, criticized concerns that an emergency situation in Taiwan would also affect Japan, saying, “Members of the Japanese public will be guided into flames.”

“Peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are important not only for Japan’s security, but also for the stability of the international community,” Hayashi said, urging a peaceful solution to the issue.