China links Taiwan issue to ‘credibility’of Japan-China relationship

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Chinese national flag

BEIJING — Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi called the Taiwan issue a matter of “credibility” between Japan and China during talks with Takeo Akiba, secretary general of the National Security Secretariat, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The ministry said Thursday that Yang told Akiba on the previous day: “Taiwan is an integral part of Chinese territory. The Taiwan issue concerns the political foundation and basic credibility of China-Japan relations.”

The remark was an apparent warning to Japan, which has been strengthening its ties with Taiwan.

“Peaceful coexistence and friendly cooperation are the only right choices for the relationship between the two countries,” Yang said. “Both sides should eliminate internal and external interference.”

Yang appears to have been cautioning Tokyo, which has deepened cooperation with the United States in economic security and other areas.

The ministry said Tokyo and Beijing had “reached a beneficial common understanding” through the dialogue but did not elaborate.