Ukraine Peace Summit Draft Statement Urges for Nuclear Plant, Food Security; Release of Captives, Deported Children Demanded

Swiss military personnel are pictured in the security zone of the Summit of Peace in Ukraine in Obburgen near Burgenstock, Switzerland, on Monday.

An international conference to realize a Ukraine-proposed peace plan will vow not to admit any threat or use of nuclear weapons, according to its draft joint statement.

The statement to be presented at the Summit on Peace in Ukraine scheduled this weekend in Switzerland will include the security of nuclear power plants, food security, the release of captives and the return of deported children.

Representatives of about 90 countries, including European leaders and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, as well as international organizations are expected to participate in the conference to agree on the statement.

According to the draft statement, Ukrainian nuclear power plants, including Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, “must operate safely under full sovereign control of Ukraine.”

It calls for the “free, full and safe navigation” of the Black and Azov seas to allow for the export of Ukrainian agricultural products — the transportation of which has been blocked by the Russian military — and states, “Food security must not be weaponized in any way.”

The draft also demands the release of all captives and the return of about 20,000 Ukrainian children forcibly taken to Russia.

Initially, Ukraine proposed a ten-point peace formula that included the withdrawal of Russian troops. To gain the understanding of some countries that value their relations with Russia, however, the draft does not include troop withdrawal or criticism of Russia.

Russia was not invited to the meeting. The draft, however, stated that “reaching peace requires the involvement of all parties,” thus stressing the importance of including Russia in the discussions.

According to diplomatic sources, some countries in the Middle East and elsewhere have voiced opposition to a joint statement, so there remains a possibility for the statement to be downgraded to a chairman’s statement.