Pure Gold Yukichi Fukuzawa ¥10,000 Bills on Sale to Commemorate Japan’s New Banknotes; Available in Matsuzakaya Ueno Shop in Tokyo, Online

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A pure gold version of the current ¥10,000 bill featuring Yukichi Fukuzawa is displayed in Taito Ward, Tokyo, on Thursday.

New banknotes will enter circulation Wednesday, with the new ¥10,000 bill to feature “the father of Japanese capitalism” Eiichi Shibusawa. Taking this opportunity, Matsuzakaya Ueno Shop in Taito Ward, Tokyo, has begun selling a version of the current ¥10,000 bill, which features the educator Yukichi Fukuzawa, made from pure gold.

Priced at ¥1 million including tax, the pure gold bill will be sold at the shop as well as on Daimaru Matsuzakaya’s online store until Monday.

The pure gold ¥10,000 bill is 7.6 centimeters long, 16 centimeters wide, and 0.17 millimeters thick, and weighs 40 grams. The portrait of Yukichi Fukuzawa is elaborately designed, just like a real banknote.

The shop is also holding an “Arigato Yukichi Sale” through to July 16, featuring 37 different products priced at ¥10,000 each.