423 Victims of Sexual Abuse by Ex-Johnny’s Boss Receive Compensation; Total of 993 Claim Abuse by Late Johnny Kitagawa

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The headquarters of Smile-Up. Inc. in Tokyo

Smile-Up. Inc., an entertainment agency formerly known as Johnny & Associates, Inc., has so far paid compensation to 423 victims of sexual abuse committed by its late founder Johnny Kitagawa.

A total of 993 people claimed to be victims of the alleged abuse as of the end of May, and the agency has confirmed 423 people as victims. The process of determining eligibility for compensation is ongoing, but it had informed 126 people that they will not receive compensation because their abuse or their connection with the company could not be confirmed.

A U.N. Human Rights Council working group on business and human rights published a report in May, stating that it “remains profoundly alarmed by allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse involving several hundred talents signed with Johnny & Associates.”

The group also noted that “this is still a long way from meeting the needs of the victims,” while it welcomes “the various actions taken by businesses associated with Smile-Up to take on greater accountability.”