Japan Group Releases Images of ‘Likely UFOs’

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Takeharu Mikami, head of International UFO Lab, left, presents images that the group believes are highly likely to be of real UFOs, in Fukushima City on Saturday.

FUKUSHIMA — International UFO Lab, an organization dedicated to the investigation of unidentified flying objects, has released six photographs and videos that the group believes are highly likely to depict real UFOs.

The Fukushima City-based organization made the announcement at UFO Fureai-kan hall in Fukushima on Saturday, or World UFO Day. June 24 is said to be the day when a UFO was first witnessed in the United States.

The group said it had examined a total of 494 reports it received from people both in Japan and abroad over the past year. However, most of the images appeared to be of drones, birds, reflections of light, airplanes and insects and were not considered UFOs, the group said.

It concluded that six images of round and triangular flying objects captured in Kobe, Fukushima and elsewhere were highly likely to be UFOs.

“It may be possible to create these images with computer graphics. But if they’re real UFOs, aliens may be onboard,” said Takeharu Mikami, the head of International UFO Lab and chief editor of the monthly occult magazine Mu.

“It’s true that there are uncharted phenomenon in the world. I hope children who have seen these images will solve the mystery in the future,” Mikami said.