LDP’s Only Candidate Struggles in Shimane Constituency By-Election; CDPJ Leads in All Constituencies

The Japan News

The only Liberal Democratic Party candidate in by-elections for the House of Representatives to be held on Sunday is giving lead to the opposition candidate, according to The Yomiuri Shimbun’s analysis of its reportage and a telephone survey. The opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan is ahead in all three of the by-elections for the lower house seats.

The Yomiuri Shimbun conducted the survey from Friday to Sunday using random digit dialing and obtained responses from 2,044 people.

In Shimane Constituency No. 1, which covers Matsue, Norimasa Nishikori of the LDP and backed by Komeito is giving lead to Akiko Kamei of the CDPJ. Kamei is backed by 90% of the CDPJ supporters, almost 70% of Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party) supporters and nearly 40% of independent voters. Nishikori is backed by 70% of LDP supporters and 70% of Komeito supporters, but only 10% of independent voters.

In Tokyo Constituency No. 15, which covers Koto Ward, six candidates are running from opposition and minor parties and three are independents. Natsumi Sakai of the CDPJ took the lead, followed by Yui Kanazawa of the Nippon Ishin. More than 40% of independent voters have not yet decided.

In Nagasaki Constituency No. 3, there is an opposition duel between Katsuhiko Yamada of the CDPJ and Shoichiro Inoue of the Nippon Ishin, with Yamada in the lead.