Japan’s Ruling Party Stipulates ‘No Revival of Factions’ Policy in Draft of 2024 Party Campaign Policy; LDP Promoting Reform, Revitalization

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The Liberal Democratic Party’s headquarters in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

The Liberal Democratic Party will never revive its factions, according to a draft of the party’s campaign policy for 2024.

In response to its factions’ violation of the Political Funds Control Law, the LDP expressed its determination to reform, stipulating in the draft that the party will rid itself of the “factions” of the past and never revive them. The draft is expected to be approved at the upcoming LDP General Council and finalized at the March 17 party convention.

The draft’s title includes the phrase “Renewing politics and following the path to reform.” The LDP is emphasizing its determination to reform in response to growing public dissatisfaction over the political funds scandal. The party apologized in the draft, stating, “As a public party, we must keep aware of our responsibility and discipline ourselves.”

The draft also included the party’s policy to promote revisions to the Political Funds Control Law and the strengthening of party functions based on an interim report by the party’s Headquarters for Political Reform.

Regarding constitutional revision, the LDP showed its intention to set up a body for drafting articles at the Diet’s Commission on the Constitution and prepare to draft articles to actualize constitutional reform by the end of this year.

The party stated in its campaign policy draft that it would “seek the judgement of the people, sovereigns of the nation, by the end of this year.” The LDP wants to emphasize doing its utmost in efforts for constitutional reforms, as 2025 marks the 70th anniversary of the party’s foundation.

Regarding measures for a stable succession to the Imperial throne, the LDP stated that the party would promote discussions within the party to further debate in the Diet.

In discussing the next House of Representatives election, the party stated that it would build a winning, unified posture and impress upon themselves the mindset of being “combat ready” at all times.

The LDP also clarified its thoughts on creating an environment that will make it easier for women and young people to run for election.