Japan Lawmaker Apologizes Over Political Funds Scandal; Submits Letter of Resignation to Lower House Speaker

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Yaichi Tanigawa speaks during a news conference in Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture, on Monday.

Lawmaker Yaichi Tanigawa, who has left the Liberal Democratic Party over the political funds scandal involving LDP factions, apologized Monday for causing trouble in connection with the scandal.

“I deeply regret causing the current situation due to my lack of awareness,” said Tanigawa during a news conference in Omura, Nagaaski Prefecture. “I sincerely offer my apology.”

Tanigawa submitted a letter of resignation from the Diet to House of Representatives Speaker Fukushiro Nukaga on the same day.

A summary indictment against Tanigawa on suspension of violating the Political Funds Control Law was filed on Friday and he left the LDF that day.

“I was totally wrong. It’s all my fault,” Tanigawa said.

Tanigawa is accused of not including in his political funds reports about ¥43 million that he received from the Abe faction as kickbacks from the sale of tickets to fundraising parties for the faction.

As to how the money was used, Tanigawa said: “It was all for my political activities. I cannot comment in detail how I spent it. I remember I did not use it for personal things.”

Asked why he amassed so much money, Tanigawa said: “I wanted to gain power. I did so to solve the problems in Nagasaki Prefecture, but I was wrong.”