Top Law on Agricultural Administration to Be Reviewed

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Agriculture minister Tetsuro Nomura

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — A government panel on Monday submitted to farm minister Tetsuro Nomura an interim report calling for a review of a law known as Japan’s “constitution of agricultural administration.”

The Council of Food, Agriculture and Rural Area Policies, which advises the farm minister, proposed the review of the basic law on food, agriculture and rural areas mainly to strengthen the country’s food security, which has been rocked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The government plans to submit a bill to revise the basic law to the ordinary session of the Diet next year.

“We’ll have deeper discussions to review the basic law from the perspective of establishing a strong foundation for food supplies that can be sustained even if the population declines,” Nomura told a council meeting Monday.

In response to increasing global food demand, the report put greater emphasis on securing stable food supplies through imports and making effective use of food reserves while calling for an increase in domestic production.

The report also sought a shift to environmentally friendly agricultural and food industries.

If there emerges a risk of food supply disruption, such as a poor harvest due to conflict or climate change, the government should declare an emergency to have government agencies work closely to deal with the situation, the report said.

The report urged the government to consider fiscal measures when imposing restrictions on the private sector to ensure food security and stable distribution.