Japan Pledges Efforts to Put Nature on Recovery Path

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The government aims to stop and reverse biodiversity loss toward 2030 in an effort to put nature on a recovery path.

The ambitious goal is part of a new biodiversity national strategy decided at the day’s Cabinet meeting. The strategy reflects global objectives adopted at the U.N. biodiversity conference in Canada in December.

The new strategy includes 25 action targets, such as conserving at least 30% of lands and oceans by 2030.

The national strategy attributed the biodiversity crisis to development and other human activities as well as changes in the earth’s environment such as climate change and ocean acidification.

In light of these issues, it stresses the need for taking measures to curb climate change and promote biodiversity, and realizing a nature-friendly economy, in addition to restoring the ecosystem.

The action targets include one for dealing with climate change and biodiversity conservation through the restoration of forests and another for giving consideration to the environment when setting up renewable energy facilities.

The strategy calls on companies to disclose information on how their business activities affect biodiversity, with a view to facilitating investments and loans that give weight to environmental, social and corporate governance issues.