LDP lawmaker Kentaro Sonoura’s organization ‘underreported political fund income’

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Kentaro Sonoura

A political organization related to fifth-term Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Kentaro Sonoura is suspected of underreporting its income from political fund parties in its political funds report, it has been learned.

The special investigation squad of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has been asking House of Representatives member Sonoura’s first public secretary to answer questions on a voluntary basis on suspicion of violating the Political Funds Control Law.

The secretary, who also serves as treasurer of the organization headed by Sonoura, is believed to have admitted to understating the amount.

According to the political funds report of Sonoura’s fund management organization, the group held a total of six political fundraising parties from 2018 to 2020 at Tokyo hotels, with a total income of ¥43.62 million.

However, there were no entries for the years 2017 or 2021.

First being elected as a lower house member in 2005, Sonoura has served as senior vice minister of foreign affairs. He currently serves as chief director of the judicial affairs committee of the House of Representatives.

On Wednesday, Sonoura denied his involvement in the problem, but told reporters, “I have to apologize for confusion caused by my sloppy handling that has come to light.”