Japan bans imports of 38 goods from Russia

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Japan introduced an import ban on 38 goods from Russia, such as vodka and lumber, on Tuesday as an additional measure against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.

It is the first time for Tokyo to impose an import ban on Russia in its sanctions series related to the invasion. The move is aimed at dealing a blow to the Russian economy.

The 38 items were selected on the basis of goods covered by U.S. and European sanctions against Russia. Of them, six are alcoholic drinks, also including beer, four are lumber-related items such as logs, and 28 are electric and other machinery including automobiles and auto parts.

For goods for which contracts have already been made, imports will be allowed for three months from now.

The 38 items accounted for about ¥15 billion, or only 1.1% of Japan’s total imports from Russia in 2021.

A senior official at the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry said the fresh action against Russia will not have a big effect on the Japanese economy. But some companies in Japan will likely be forced to find alternative sources for the goods.