Japan Unveils G7 Summit Gifts Rooted in Hiroshima’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Top: An “Iro-Miyabi” lacquer art fountain pen made by Sailor Pen Co.
Bottom: Wine glasses adorned with maki-e made by Kinjo Ikkokusai

The government unveiled Sunday its gift selection for the world leaders who attended the G7 Hiroshima Summit.

The gifts, all with deep links to Hiroshima, include a lacquer art fountain pen manufactured by Sailor Pen Co., originally based in Kure in the prefecture and now headquartered in Tokyo.

The G7 leaders also received wine glasses adorned with maki-e, a traditional Japanese decorative art, produced by a Hiroshima lacquer artisan.

Yuko Kishida, the prime minister’s wife, gifted the leaders’ respective spouses a selection of Hiroshima lacquerware and “KabukiGlasses” binoculars.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the gifts chosen for the occasion are practical items that can be used and appreciated over a long period, while being reminiscent of Hiroshima.

The heads of the specially invited guest nations received the same type of wine glasses as the G7 leaders. No details have been revealed concerning a souvenir for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who was initially scheduled to participate in the summit online.