Kishida Calls for Global Leadership, Long-Term Support for Ukraine at Peace Summit in Switzerland

Pool via Reuters
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida gestures on the day of the opening ceremony of the Summit on Peace in Ukraine at the Buergenstock Resort in Stansstad near Lucerne, Switzerland, on Saturday.

ZURICH — Prime Minister Fumio Kishida gave a speech on Saturday at the Summit on Peace in Ukraine, an international conference to discuss a peace plan proposed by Ukraine held in Burgenstock, Switzerland. Kishida said the plan for peace in Ukraine “must not justify unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force.”

Kishida emphasized that achieving a “fair and lasting peace” based on the principles of international law is “symbolically important for guiding the entire international community toward a world of cooperation rather than division and conflict.” He urged the world leaders gathered at the conference to “take the lead in demonstrating leadership.”

Kishida explained that since the Kremlin began its aggression against Ukraine, Japan has implemented strict sanctions against Russia and provided strong support to Ukraine with the belief that “today’s Ukraine could be tomorrow’s East Asia.” He further declared, “We will continue our efforts, working closely with the international community, to restore peace to the beautiful land of Ukraine.”

Kishida also spoke about a meeting he had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Italy on Thursday, mentioning that they signed a bilateral document outlining Japan’s long-term support measures for Ukraine. He also recalled that during the G7 Summit held in Hiroshima in May last year, world leaders had reaffirmed four key principles, including “respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.”