Japan PM Fumio Kishida Visits G7 Hiroshima Summit Venue

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visits the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima on Saturday.

HIROSHIMA — Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited Hiroshima on Saturday to inspect the main venue and other locations related to the Group of Seven summit to be held on May 19-21.

Kishida inspected the Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima, which will serve as the primary site for the summit; the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, which the prime minister will visit with other G7 leaders; and Miyajima Island, home to Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage site.

At the hotel, Kishida met with police and coast guard officers assigned to security duties. Against the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other issues, Kishida instructed the officers to take all possible measures to ensure security, saying, “In light of the severe international situation, [the Hiroshima gathering] will be the most important summit in Japan’s history.”