China, Russia Military Aircraft Fly Over Sea of Japan, East China Sea for Joint Operation

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The Defense Ministry in Tokyo

Chinese and Russian bombers and fighters flew over the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan in a joint air operation on Thursday, the Defense Ministry said.

A total of 17 aircraft from both countries, all of which are believed to be military, conducted the joint air operation. This is the first time since June and the third time this year that China and Russia conducted a joint operation of this kind.

The Air Self-Defense Force scrambled fighter jets to monitor the Chinese and Russian aircraft. The planes did not violate Japan’s territorial airspace.

According to the ministry’s Joint Staff Office, two Chinese H-6 bombers entered the skies over the Sea of Japan from the East China Sea and joined two of Russia’s Tu-95 bombers in a joint flight toward the East China Sea.

Chinese and Russian fighter jets joined the bombers for part of the flight, the ministry said.