GSDF joins Japan-U.S. sea drills

Courtesy of the MSDF
During sea drills, the destroyer Asahi conducted an offshore refueling exercise with the USNS Yukon replenishment vessel.

Ground Self-Defense Force missile units participated in joint sea drills involving the U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan in the Sea of Japan and other areas around Japan, aimed at strengthening Japan-U.S. countermeasure capabilities.

According to the Defense Ministry, the joint drills were held Oct. 1-10 and a total of 5 naval vessels participated, including the USS Ronald Reagan and the Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Asahi.

The GSDF’s First Artillery Brigade based in Chitose, Hokkaido, and the North Eastern Army Artillery based in Sendai participated on Oct. 2 and 3. The units deployed Type 88 surface-to-ship guided missiles and confirmed procedures for responding to enemy surface vessels.