Egypt, US, Israel Agree Ceasefire in Southern Gaza, Opening of Rafah Crossing at 0600 GMT – Security Sources

Palestinians with dual citizenship gather outside Rafah border crossing with Egypt in the hope of getting permission to leave Gaza, amid the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip October 14, 2023.

CAIRO, Oct 16 (Reuters) – Egypt, Israel and the U.S. agreed to a ceasefire in southern Gaza to begin at 0600 GMT coinciding with the re-opening of the Rafah border crossing, two Egyptian security sources said on Monday.

The sources said the ceasefire would last for several hours but were not clear on the exact duration. They also said the three countries had agreed that Rafah would be open until 1400 GMT on Monday as a one-day initial re-opening.

Asked for confirmation, the Israeli military and the U.S. Embassy in Israel had no immediate comment. This was not immediately confirmed by officials with Gaza’s governing Hamas either.