Hyogo: Orca Show Draws Visitors; New Aquarium Opens in Kobe

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Spectators enjoy an orca show at Kobe Suma Sea World in Suma Ward, Kobe, on its opening day on June 1.

KOBE — Visitors shouted for joy at orca performances at Kobe Suma Sea World, which opened in Suma Ward, Kobe, on June 1. The aquarium is the only place in western Japan to host an orca show.

The privately-run aquarium is located on the former site of a municipal aquarium that was long beloved by Kobe residents. The new aquarium took over about 90% of the creatures bred at its predecessor.

The new aquarium consists of three facilities, including the Orca Stadium, where the orca show takes place. There are approximately 19,000 creatures of around 560 species on display.

The orca show, which is the facility’s main attraction, has proven to be highly popular. There have been standees for the show since the aquarium’s opening day.

Each time the orcas jumped up and splashed water with their flippers, the crowd erupted in cheers.

Under the dynamic pricing system, tickets range from ¥2,900 to ¥3,700 for adults, ¥1,700 to ¥1,800 for junior high school students and under, and ¥2,300 to ¥3,100 for those aged 65 or over.