Tulips in Full Bloom at Nyuzen Flower Road Event; 2 Mil. Tulips of 80 Varieties Planted Over 5 Hectares in Toyama Prefecture

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Tulips are seen at their peak in Nyuzen, Toyama Prefecture, on Saturday.

NYUZEN, Toyama – Tulips are in full bloom at the Nyuzen Flower Road event, a springtime spectacle in the town of Nyuzen, Toyama Prefecture.

This year’s event covers 5 hectares west of a local elementary school, with about 2 million tulips of about 80 varieties planted. A welcome event on Saturday attracted many families, offering people the chance to view the tulips from a fire truck ladder. Bulbs were also on sale at the event.

The viewing period for the tulips, set against the backdrop of the snow-capped Northern Alps, is expected to last until late April, with bloom times varying depending on the variety. On Saturday, the red Van Eijk and orange World Peace varieties were particularly vibrant.